Tales Of City Nightlife

by Nexus-6

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A trip to the nocturnal underworld


released August 17, 2016

Composed by: Benway Nexus
Produced by: Benway Nexus & Sebastián Cordovés
Mixed and Mastered by: Sebastián Cordovés
Artwork by: Luciano Ramón Blanco & Benway Nexus
Picture: Ligeia.
"Tales of City Nightlife" was recorded in Cuarto Electrico
and it was released by 4toCircuito
This LP includes collaborations from
Alejandro Rotela
and Cosaquitos en Globo



all rights reserved


Nexus-6 Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Track Name: Nightlife (feat. Alejandro Rotela)
Nightlife (feat. Alejandro Rotela)

Further down delirium tremens
the night sucks me in
and then its the hangover
the THC and the introspection
with new people in old places
all of it with bygone days
elbowing my ribs
and a pale and deaf depression
that chases me and screws up my ears

When the first sunbeam shines
on any old after hour
packed with mutating freaks
and the mortal noise
of Buenos Aires nightlife
Track Name: Dirty Dancefloors
Dirty Dancefloors

Strange Behaviours
in unknown neighborhoods
nobody has a clock
outside the daylight
in office hours
is burning sleepy people
in Another world

Dirty Dancefloors
behind the black doors
no one sleeps no more
but no one’s dancing
in shadows lifestyles
the scenes are missing
in the flash of smoke

After Hours
in cities darkness
the rabbits in the hole
scream and laughing
with perfect castings
the beat keep kicking
and nones goes

Delirium Tremens
with freaky monsters
nothing shocks anymore
the same old story
of every weekend
collapsing people
music, drugs and love
Track Name: Another World
Another World

We live in a world that's ungreateful
tv liers eating your brain
all I want is a escape
the dust, the scotch and the legs

I'm getting through the night
I forgot how the sun was
Completely freaked out
found my ghosts in red wines

To Get Get Away
From Sad Sad Nation
You Must Understand
There´s Another World Other Ways

Tonight is the switch
I see a light in the shadow
I´m back to my steps
I´m waiting for the rain

There´s something weird in me
a deja-vu amnesia
I´m close to alienation
I see behind the reflections

To Get Get Away
From Sad Sad Nation
You Must Understand
There´s Another World Other Ways
Track Name: Travelling in time
Travelling in time

I´m reborning of nightmares
I´m dancing in the dark
I´m feeling away now
I´m feeling so far
I´m traveling in time
through the pain and the laughs
I remember the past
when we had easy smiles

The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me

I need to remember
when I was a little child
cause I was never adult
and I dont want to start now
Now Im back to my neighbourhood
to the streets I walked long time
and I´m not the same
but this place is mine

The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me
The Night is Sucking Me
Track Name: Hypnotized

I´m rushing into the night
a never ending party
memories like dreams
I´m hypnotzed

We are in a speed cars
going nowhere
legion of vampires
are dancing in the underground

Do you Believe in Fate?
Morning Lights are Burning my Skin (x2)

And is impossible to know
if I´m awake or dreaming
I´m feeling like I´m swimming
and I feel like Sand

I feel the weight over me
every alter-ego collapsed
the gosths dress me up
and the night come down

Do you Believe in Fate?
Morning Lights are Burning my Skin (x4)
Track Name: Androids Insomnia
Androids Insomnia

Androids Insomnia
and acid rain
mutating and searching for pleasure
Torn to pieces but
now I´m going out to dance
Getting to the limit
of all my obsessions
Kissing tits in tiny bathrooms
getting on violent trips

Day by day we were all
so rocknrolled and lost
Sniffing, kissing, biting
each other
Till as usual
comes the time
When all around
Is like the movies
and I disappear

Running for an Answer
After Hour, After All
Only Calmness Remains
And the World in Silence
Track Name: Deep Inside (feat. Cosaquitos en Globo)
Deep Inside (feat. Cosaquitos en Globo)

Im feeling full of love
Im feeling like reborning
this time the end of the dark
is not a new cave
Finding doors behind doors
I kissed you in the morning
a happy end of the night
and outside the shadows are gone

I follow you to the end
this feeling is unbroken
and through the fire and dust
I choose your soul everyday
when everyone around are fake
you shinning in the black outs
now our demons are in the past
and we are no longer alone

I´m Feeling Deep Inside
I´m Feeling Deep Inside
My Love For You is Right
And our Souls Together are Shinning